Retrouvez-moi non pas sur Facebook, non pas sur Touittère, mais sur le forum d'Anne-Sophie Jacques chez Arrêt sur images.

Commis par pow wow on vendredi 14 mai 2010
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  1. C'est l'endroit le mieux du ouebe.

  2. pow wow Says:
  3. Juste après ici, faut rendre à César ce qui m'appartient! Non, le contraire. Faut me rendre ce qui appartient à César. Enfin bref, ici c'est mieux que chez @SI, on va pas chipoter.

  4. Hello,
    I'm from Great Britain, and I have to say that website is the most beautiful i ever read in my whole life.
    Blood'n'guts, I like the way you tell things, and I'm pretty sure, and all that shit, that you're a very good guy.
    Incredible, i wouldn't have discovered this blog if my personal and so smart friend, Fan de canard, hadn't told me about.
    So fresh.
    You must be so proud, dear Pow Wow, to have in your friend list such an incredible man, who's probably by the way, your mentor and master in everything.
    Don't be shy, buddy.

    See ya soon, and all the usual crap.

    So long.

    Fond of duck

  5. pow wow Says:
  6. AaaAAaaaAAAh? Hi great britainer friend from over the Channel (number five, arf, typical french joke, you can't understand)! So you know Fan of canard? Ah yes? Ah no no, i said ah yes, no nothing nothing...Hmmm, as discretly as possible, I would like to tell you hmmm...You know...ahemm...euh...Fan de canard...yes your friend tha'ts it, to say to you know that he has not invented hot water? Yes he's cool, he's smart that's not that no no, yes he's a good guy but between us...from you to me...we both understand...yes hein hein yes hein? But be fair, i never told you Ok?;o)

  7. Mmmm, seems to be water in the gas...

  8. @ florence : you said it bouffi

  9. pow wow Says:
  10. Oh choquigne! Ouate didiou say girlz?

  11. it's not your onions (if i can say that)

  12. Just a little word, to precising just a thing: there is no water in the gas, you silly girls ;-)
    pow wow and myself are united like the fingers of the hand.

    Aaahh, those girls, no way to help them from ourselves, I swear you.

    Guten nuitatum nethertheless,


  13. pow wow Says:
  14. @Anne-Sophie, pfuiiit, the spit of the ugly crapaud doesn't reach to the white columb, mmpfuitt!

    @Fond (the manettes), more precision: the three fingers of an half-hand, when we got an half-hand of course, if non, it is stupidable!

  15. Real authentic by a real student in a real paper:
    "People are more relaxed in small towns than in Bets."
    Thank you, automatic translator.

  16. @pow-wow : oh, but it was a joke my dear, dont get the needle like this...

  17. pow wow Says:
  18. De nada Florence, de nada!

    @ Anne-Sophie, but I l'entendais well de this oreille, don't worry dear too! Can I offer you a cup of tea with a large piece of pizza to forgive me? ;o)

  19. pizza is not my cup of tea you know i prefer pissaladière but if you insist I can't refused. Give me a beer and we will be quittes.

  20. Rent a room, you band of lapinous of Garenna.

  21. pow wow Says:
  22. @ pissaladière...mmmm, it's not that I pensais of's less romantic that I imaginais...ahemmmm...what about a big choucroute with a barrel of beer and many blagues lourdingues of cammionneurs, it is OK for you? ;o)

    @ Fan, don't déconning merde, you are on a quality site, it's not Meetic here! Please keep your fines plaisanteries pour you! ;o)

  23. pow wow Says:
  24. @ Anne-Sophie, in plus, i'm sorry...but pizza or pissaladière, you play un peu on les mots. It's a litlle kif kif, no?

  25. Sorry pow wow, but I think that we afraid Anne-Sophie. I always knew she was a little bite.
    Hell 'n' Gosh, I dont' care, I'm also a canardo of the banlieue 13 of Garenna, it's dire if I connais myself in renting a terrier at the occasion.
    (and if U don't mind, i bring back home the pizza.
    It's gratos, and always this de gagné. There are no small profits).
    I hope I haven't broken you the baraka.

    Sincerely yours,

    The vilain petit Daffy Duck.
    (it's a contrepeterie, by the way)

  26. blain a Says:
  27. aarrrggghhhh what il faut not hearing !
    The pissaladière and the pizza it's kifkif !
    For the sentence I will destroy the reputation of this site with my link.
    Ose to censor me !

  28. pow wow Says:
  29. @ Puffy Suck, YOU make Anne-Sophie afraid with your fines jokes at two balles, and at cause of you, she'll drink her beer toute seule and we'll never know if she has a good descente like an ouvrier of the bâtiment, it's not malin, let's me tell you!

    @ Albain, oahhh it's like pareil au même, panini, fougasse, pizza, pissaladière, tout that it's la même thing, it's the malbouffe of the south! (Not pas taping on the head!) ;o)

  30. I hope she's not fached.
    Anne-Sophie, if you read me, sached that it was all for laugh, a simple and stupid joke of potaching.
    Pow wow is pour rien in this story, he just doesn't dare to gicle the troll that I am
    Please forgive me, please forgive us.
    I wont do it again, I swear.

    ok I'm sorting

  31. pow wow Says:
  32. But no, she's not fached, I hope so. She's connaissing our sense of humour and she knows that the genes of deconning maximum attitioude are deeply ancred in our DNA. Anne-Sophie, if you lisez me, saching that you can go to the fête de la bière in Germanland and torchonning yourself to forget us for ever.

    Ok i'm sorting too.

  33. Anyway, to celebrate the friendship that désormais caratérize us from now on, I invite you to have a good drink, and dotn worry for the pépétae, it's me qui regaling.

    All you have to do is clik on my pseudo

    Pow wow, I hope your next billet will be a little retrospective at my gloire.

    Il n'y a pas de what.

  34. pow wow Says:
  35. Rhhâââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââââ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm dyinggggggggggggggggggggggg!

    Angels of paradise, please keep off your fingers in your trous de nose and coiffez-you, I'm arrrrrriiiiivingggggggggg!!!!


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